Best Box Mods, Kits and Tanks in 2019





The Voopoo Drag 2 kit is an extremely powerful setup providing 177 Watts of power.


the design on the drag 2 is very well thought out and immediately upon holding this device it feels nice and snug in the hand due to the non boxy element, it has bevelled edges to provide a solid grip in your hands, bevelled edges are very easy on the hands instead of the typical box mods that have sharp edges. The front and back plates have slight curvature which makes it ergonomic to the hand and makes for a luxurious experience for all day use.

The resin on the device makes for a beautiful looking device, I have also found that after many months of use that the paint has held up very well and there has been no chipping whatsoever.

The battery cover is connected by two very strong magnets and merges to the device with complete ease. The battery compartment utilises spring loaded contacts which will ensure that the batteries are nice and snug.

Another major benefit of this device is the centered 510 connector, the reason this is beneficial is because if it was off to the side then it would look a little strange and it overall just looks better with it being in the center.

The screen on the drag 2 is a large enough display at 0.91 inches and is crystal clear, it is certainly bright enough for outdoor use and also easy to read whilst indoors. A nice option is the variable brightness on the device allowing you to alter the brightness to your preference. The Drag 2 mod provides all important reading which are resistance, voltage, puff time, and wattage/temperature.

Inside The Box

Upon opening the box you will get:

  • 1 x Drag 2 177W Mod

  • 1 x UFORCE T2 Sub-Ohm Tank

  • 1 x 0.40ohm U2 Coil

  • 1 x 0.20ohm N3 Coil

  • 1 x Replacement Glass

  • 1 x USB Cable

  • 1 x Spare Parts

  • 1 x User Manual

  • 1 x Warranty Card


  • GENE FIT Chip

  • Powered by Dual High-Drain 18650 Batteries

  • Supports Power, Temperature Control, and Memory Modes

  • Fires at up to 177W

  • 0.91 Inch OLED Display

  • Firmware Upgradeable

Uforce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank Design and Specifications

The Uforce T2 Sub-Ohm Tank which is provided in the Drag 2 kit is a superb tank. 

The sub ohm tank has a 24.6mm base diameter. This tank marries up nicely with the drag 2 as it is very well proportioned and looks the part with it's a snug fit.

The top cap on the T2 has a slide mechanism for ease of use when filling, if you look at the top cap there is an arrow which will have you guide you fingers to slide it with no issue at all.

Upon opening the box for the T2 tank you will get two glass sections which include a 3.5ml and 5ml glass. The 5ml glass is very handy if you want to go without filling it up too frequently. 

The airflow is located on the bottom portion of the tank and there are three airflow slots which are fully adjustable and very easy and smooth to adjust. There have been a lot of people in the vaping community complaining about a bottom airflow and its leaking, however with this tank there has never been an issue with leaking at all.

Uforce Coils 

A major benefit of the T2 tank is that the whole range of Uforce coils are compatible which is great because there are over ten different coils to choose from which provides many options for your perfect vaping experience. The coils go from 0.13ohm to 0.60ohm.

Amongst the vast choice of the Uforce coil range you do get to decide whether you want single, double or triple coil types, also provided is the option of mesh coils.

With Drag 2 kit you get two coils in the pack which includes one U2 0.40ohm dual coil and the other coil is an N3 triple mesh coil.

The N3 coil would be my preferred option as the mesh has a large surface area and in my experience mesh coils offer ample clouds and rich full bodied flavor. 





What’s in the container?

Smok R-Kiss Mod

Smok TFV-Mini V2 tank

Mini V2 A1 coil

Mini V2 A2 coil

USB cable

Spare parts

User manual


Size: 78x44x28mm

Battery: 2×18650  (not included)

TFT Colour display

Output: 200W Max

Opposition range: 0.1-2.5ohm (VW)

Firmware upgradeable

Part fire bar

Selectable screen colour schemes

In regards to the Smok R-Kiss

Today the R-Kiss is made to end up being the littlest dual 18650 device available on the market.  The kit comes with the R-Kiss mod and the Smok TFV Mini V2 tank as standard. The R-Kiss is really a small double 18650 battery model coming in at only around 78mm tall.  The mod has a part fire button, right hand standard and two small navigation buttons on the front. The base on the device has a battery hinge door which slides into place to lock.  It has an attractive display that is clear on a black background showing wattage , dual battery indicators, ohms, seconds vaped and volts with the different colour modes within the top left hand side. The mod despite its size carrys an extra mm on top in terms of atomiser before you start to appear into overhang territory.  It comes in a range of 7 colours because of the tank matching the colour scheme also. The most important thing to point out could be the lack of a menu system, with just one power mode, adjustable wattage. There is no heat that is pre no temperature control or menu system of any sort. To change the colour of the numbers on screen you hold the two navigation buttons down and click on the fire key to turn through the choices which can be few.

Concerning the TFV Mini V2

The TFV Mini V2 may be the new improved version of the mini that is former that didn’t seem to acquire a widespread release previously. The tank is a 25mm tank with 5mil (or 2 mil tpd) capacity glass in a design that is straight.  The tank features a top move fill opening controlled by a switch clasp and base airflow that is adjustable. This has a replaceable 810 drip tip, although an on the chimney style rather than a connection design which means 810s that are standard will not fit to the port without becoming too tall for the tank.

The tank is sold with 2 coils, the mini v2-A1 and the Mini V2-A2 coils.  The A1 coil is 0.17 ohms ranked most readily useful between 110w and 130w plus the A2 is really a 0.2 coil that is double best between 85w-105w.  There was a range that is huge of coils ranging from triple coils to single coils with wide area span, so a good amount of choices for vapers nowadays.

R-Kiss Benefits 

The R-Kiss is small, extremely small for what it really delivers which is really a shock that is major.  This I think is definitely a good option by smok as it feels more solid within the hand in comparison to others since it does at to your weight of the mod and  With the design being so small, it means it fits into your hand quite comfortably and the side fire bar is another addition that is great and plays a part in the comfort of these devices.  The simplistic operation for the mod is one more thing that is great to have and to be honest makes a lovely variance from the standard 101 various menu choices that you will get available on the market. You can just up and go with this device, and there is no adjusting whatsoever, set your power and vape away. The display being very simplistic is another addition that is excellent in my opinion, it shows the important information aided by the wattage degree dominating the display with a lot of black colored background also surrounding it, again tying to the simplistic feel of the product.  The buttons feel nice and solid and the fire bar in the side only fires from the part that is top the bottom free to hold when holding, another great addition to prevent mis fires.

The TFV mini V2 tank is actually quite a tank which is nice and does a great job at utilizing the kit.  I'm not familiar with the V1 of the tank but the V2 simple delivers a smok standard experience going for energy over flavour.  The coils do produce a flavour that is good has to be said, and plenty of vapour production in addition to what you would expect from smok.  Coil life is standard which is pretty much around the two week mark but the flavour does linger in the mouth after vaping, this is an indicator that Smok have improved the flavour deliverance from previous tanks/coils.  The top fill utilizing the key release is secure that it is without any accidental openings utilizing the press and swing method to reveal the most notable fill hole which you would expect.


The iStick Mix unit is a double 18650 battery device matched with the new Ello Duro sub ohm tank. 

The mod is a double 18650 replaceable battery device that is fit for starting up to 160w. The device has a back battery entryway board, side screen with round flame catch and 2 route catches. The screen contains the typical contributions of power/volts/obstruction/battery pointers. Working the device is accomplished through the 5 ticks on/off and 3 ticks top go into an essential menu framework with temp control alternatives (SS/TI/NI) 3 memory modes and VW modes. 

The Ello Duro Pop tank is the most recent discharge from Eleaf and accompanies a couple of intriguing new features. The tank has a 6.5mil limit with top replaceable 810 dribble tip, flexible airflow and top filling port. The filling port is as easy as lifting the highest point of the tank up on a spring association and pushing back to uncover the fill gap. The tank accompanies 2 coils, the HW-M2 and HW N2 both evaluated 0.2 ohm and prescribed 40-90w. at long last, the tank accompanies glass defenders in the state of elastic rings around the glass to secure against breakages.

Main Criteria on the Istick

The principal thing to truly discuss with the iStick mix is the design of the device, it looks amazing. The two distinct designs on either side look amazing and the resin has flawless shading. So contrasted with past Eleaf mods, this simple structure constitutes a great looking device. Each design is counterbalanced by the plastic mod body. The device is plastic however it feels strong in the hand, with a decent weight once the batteries are embedded so generally speaking it doesn't feel modest by any stretch of the imagination!. Battery life with this is fairly great, enduring admirably over a day so it puts it not very distant from the top market mods in that regard when vaped at 80w. The size of the device is really littler than the other resin style box mods available so it offers a progressively smaller and agreeable structure. The device is responsive with speedy terminating, quick turn on and a decent clicky catch so utilizing the device is fairly streamlined. The shortsighted menu framework takes into account an increasingly open device and generally speaking the iStick just works truly well. 

The Ello Duro Pop tank is the continuation of the old Duro tank and straight away you can see enhancements in the tank details. The coils taste spotless and sharp with a decent cloud too. Vapor generation is strong for the power range and juice utilization is sensible so the coil doesn't drink the fluid. The top fill spring configuration is another pleasant element as the oversimplified angle permits included security from spilling without including catches/fastens into the design.  The fact that the drip tip matches the design panel on the mod is a stunning addition and design choice. Airflow is ideal on the tank and will give you a satisfying vape


Manufacturing Quality

The Vaporesso Revenger Mini Kit is the newly updated design from the 2 predecessor mods from Vaporesso. This range has become the most eye catching of the Vaporesso brand and has brought a new lease of life into the Vaporesso brand.

The Revenger Mini maintains the strong vessel of its bigger brother and is constructed with an In-Mould Labeling (IML). The aluminum alloy shell is extremely durable and is going to hold itself together even in times of rough handling. 

Quick Charge

A quick charge has been implemented to this device and is claimed to charge 50% faster than other devices. It also has input protection to stop the device from being fried.


The NRG SE mini tank that comes with the mod provides smooth vapor and an enjoyable flavor to the experience. The new GT coil is designed to also work with the vaping preset modes: soft, normal and high. I find that the best flavor profiles start to bloom when it is set from the normal to high setting.


The device is fully packed with features but is also very simple for the user. The menu options give you the ability to adjust and check the clock, brightness level, puff counter, screen timeout and other practical features. The manual provides you with all the information needed to get the best experience from this device, it is a very helpful manual as it has a chart to give you information on what ohms work best with the particular wattage level.

If you want a device that has extensive features and great portability and ease of use, then this kit could be your answer!


The OBS Cube mod

The OBS CUBE MOD is an adjustable wattage mod which provides a 3000 mah battery. The mod is strictly operated on wattage mode, it doesn’t have tc or curve modes, this to me is great as personally as an experienced vaper, I tend to never use those other modes. 

The top section of the OBS cube has a somewhat extensive stainless steel plate with a robust spring loaded 510 in the center position. This will take any tank up to 28mm with no overhang which is ideal aesthetically, however you only have a max of 80w to work with, so you’ll need to go with a tank that is recommended below that wattage range or a simple rda with a single coil. 

The mod has four sides to it and is relatively tall. Each side is slightly different. With one panel which is brushed metal. The next side is glossy with a honeycomb grid design has “Cube” stamped on it. The next side is glossy and black and has a 0.96-inch screen which displays battery life, wattage, ohms, volts, and puffs.


In The Box

  • 1 x Cube Kit

  • 1 x Spare glass tube

  • 1 x USB cable

  • Spare O-rings

  • 1 x M6 OCC coil

  • 1 x M1 Mesh Coil

  • 1 x User manual

Features and Specs

  • Cube Mod

  • Size: 81.5 x 30.6 x 30.6mm

  • Weight: 152g

  • Capacity: 3000mAh

  • Resistance Range: 0.1 – 2.3 ohms

  • Wattage Range: < = 80w

  • Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V

  • Continuous firing time: 10s

  • 510 connection: Spring loaded, gold plated 510 pin

  • Cube Tank

  • Size: 25.5 x 47mm

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

  • M1 Mesh Coil Resistance: 0.2ohms (50-80w, best at 65-75w)

  • OCC Coil Resistance: 0.3ohms (30-80w, best at 35-70w)

  • Filling method: Removable top fill

  • Drip tip: 810

  • Capacity: 4ml (stated on OBS website)

  • Threading: Gold plated, non-adjustable 510 pin

  • Available colours: Chrome | Black | Gunmetal



I am surprised by how robust this device feels and is a nice step away from the typical pen style device. The operation on this mod is very straightforward and easy to grasp. The feel of the device in the hand is very easy to hold and sturdy/comfortable enough to confidently walk around with. The top cap is fully removable requiring a quarter turn and then presented with 2 large juice holes to fill the liquid, there are also o-rings on the top cap to prevent leaking.


The Vaporesso Luxe Kit is the new kid on the block and has many outstanding features. It is also geared towards those in the vaping community who may want a nice but discreet chassis design for their vape

The Luxe Kit also comes with the amazing SKRR tank which is a very luxurious and smooth tank to vape on, with all new and improved airflow!

Manufacturing Quality

The Luxe is definitely a step up from the Polar and Tarot designs as both of them had the hard edges, but now the Luxe has a perfectly ergonomic design and is very smooth to hold in the hand.

The TFT screen boasts a full color 2 inch span and it covers nearly all of the front panel edge to edge which is really a thing of beauty. The fonts and other information on the screen is flawless and is accompanied by a screen which is perfect for outdoor legibility and has no struggle for the user to view the screen in direct sunlight.

A really smart aspect to this device is the minimal use of buttons, the only button is the fire trigger and the buttons to adjust wattage are located below the screen as capacitive and responsive to the touch.

Tank and Flavor Quality

The new SKRR is highly improved with a supreme experience with wide airflow slots to enable a lovely cool vape. Quite often larger airflow can dilute the flavor, however the SKRR uses the QF coils and they are designed to work with the dual chamber housing of the tank to allow a warmer and more flavorful experience.


The Luxe mod has an accompanying omni 4.0 chip which is very quick and super responsive, this creates a very fluid and non lag experience for the user. This chip is coming close to topping some of the most expensive chips on the market and there are absolutely no firing delays or mis-fires present with this device whatsoever. You can push this device all the way to 220w with absolutely no glitching. The power and chipset on this device will be enough to satisfy any vaper.

Ease Of Use

Out of the box, even in-experienced users will find their way around this device thanks to its simple and easy to navigate interface and UX. Simply click the button 5 times and you are straight into variable wattage mode and ready to initiate vaping bliss.


The overall experience of the Luxe Kit will be an absolute dream from the very start. The lovely low-profile design is very portable and easy to fit into your pocket while travelling about. Flavor from the SKRR tank combined with the flawless user experience and power from this setup will surely satisfy your vaping needs.


Inside The Box and Design Features

Inside the box you’ll find the mod itself, a Veco Tank (with EUC coil installed), a spare cup tube, a micro USB cable, and a spare Clapton 0.3 ohm EUC coil.

Appearance-wise, the Tarot Nano looks as being similar to a miniaturised Tarot Pro 160W, but with the 510 connector centred.

There’s an LED screen on one part aided by the fire button on top – works kinda well. The adjustment buttons are just below the screen with the mode button under that.

Fortunately, Vaperesso thought this one through and place the micro USB port is on the medial side enabling you to charge the unit while standing it upright.

The entire construction is superb, and the look is top-notch.

Dependent on along with, the sides regarding the device are gilded with various designs ranging from carbon fibre-like to a funky multi-coloured skin.

  • 1 x Tarot Nano MOD – 2500mAh

  • 1 x VECO Tank (Clapton 0.4ohm EUC coil)

  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tube with Orings

  • 1 x Extra Traditional Ceramic EUC 0.5ohm coil

  • 1 x User guide and Warranty card

  • 1 x Micro-USB cable

Specs For Mod

  • Dimensions: 69 x 38 x 22.4mm

  • Battery capacity: 2500mAh

  • Wattage Range: 5W to 80W

  • Temperature Range: 100℃ – 315℃ /200F – 600F

  • Suitable Atomizer: 0.15 – 5 ohm


  • Display: OLED 0.91 inch

  • Thread: 510 thread

For such a small device I happened to be surprised by the total amount of features included.

To begin with, it includes the Vaporesso-made Omni Board chipset, which is just a great performer across the board. The MOD’s capable of hitting up to 80 watts of power and can manage resistances down to 0.15 ohms. In temperature control mode, you’ll be in a position to work within a temp range of 280F to 600F (100C to 315C), and you will use Stainless Steel, Titanium, and Nickel coils.There is also a TCR mode with two programmable settings.Apart from VW and TC, you may also access Smart VW mode (which reads the atomiser and sets a safe range automatically), CCW (customized bend wattage), CCT (customized curve temperature), and bypass (which essentially turns the device right into a technical mod).

Tank Details:

The Tarot Nano Kit includes its own 22mm Veco Tank with a 2ml e-juice ability.

The flavour is bang on and cloud production is satisfactory. Swapping out the coils can be super effortless and won’t need you to strain the tank.

You are able to easily alter coils without spillage or leakage.

I discovered the airflow adjustment to become a small tight, and this can be a good thing because this means you won’t effortlessly adjust the airflow while in transit.

The tank is also top fill, which is another plus for me.  What keeps the tank from being perfect is the non-adjustable 510 pin.

Not a deal breaker for me, but this could easily cause some issues when the tank is used for a different mod.

Finally, the drip tip does get hot in the event that you chain vape.

Once more, not just a major issue for me personally as I don’t frequently string vape, but I noticed it will get hotter when compared to a large amount of other tanks I vape on frequently.





The new Smok RPM40 POD system is truly a game changer in the vaping industry, the device is truly outstanding for a pod system and presents great user function with the variable wattage and a multitude of coils to choose from. Another really great benefit is that you can implement your own single coil build into the RBA deck.

Main Features:

1. Built-in 1500mah battery

2. Wide Mouthpiece allows more air inhalation

3. Max Output Power 40W, power range from 1W to 40W

4. Designed with a 0.96-inch screen

5. More coil options for RPM pod and large e-liquid capacity

6. 4.3ml e-liquid capacity when RPM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil, 4.5ml when Nord DC 0.6ohm Coil

7. Multiple protections for a better vaping experience

8. Convenient to rebuild the coil


Standard Edition

1 x RPM40 Device (1500mAh)

1 x RPM Standard Pod ( RPM Mesh 0.4ohm Coil Preinstalled) (4.3ml)

1 x RPM Nord Pod (Nord DC 0.6ohm Coil Preinstalled) (4.5ml)

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

The internal IQ-R chip is just a new one, shortening the firing time for you to 0.001S, and charging time for you two hours. Not the same as normal tiny and slim pod devices, the front panel associated with brand new Smok Products with one 0.96-inch OLED display, it's going to show you the vaping data clearly, the clear screen will highlight the battery life, working wattage, opposition, working voltage, and puffs.

The Smok RPM40 Pod Kit is easily their most powerful and unique pod system to date, and can certainly be among the best pod vapes to come out this year. If you’re looking for a brand new vape pod that’s not only packs a punch, it is able to house a wide range of coil options, then you’ll definitely want to add the Smok RPM40 Pod Kit to your vape collection. Get to online vape shop to learn more about SMOK products.



The Smok TFV Mini V2 Tank is a TPD compliant 2ml tank that's been produced for sub ohm vaping. It sports an ideal 510 link so it's compatible with several distinct devices. The protected top filling mechanism is user friendly and refilling with th TFV is fast and simple.

This vape tank employs TFV Mini vape coils, especially designed to give a balance between flavour and cloud production. Offered in reduced resistances, they utilize a distinctive mesh coil construct with a larger surface area for greater flavour out of the e liquids.

I am really impressed by the performance of this tank, another great product from Smok once again. I loved the vapor production and the intensity of flavor that this tank provides. This tank will pair up nicely with pretty much any mod in the market. This tank is definitely worth considering.

Size: 25.4Millimeter x 54mm

Ability: 2ml

Resistance: Mini V2 A1 0.17-ohm Single Mesh Coil

Mini V2 A2 0.2-ohm Double Mesh Coil

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Tank Material: Pyrex Glass

Thread: 510

Adjustable bottom airflow controller

2ml E-juice capability with simple top refill design

Tremendous clouds and Fantastic taste

High quality 316 stainless steel structure

Useful leather packaging box

Highly-detached construction for Simple cleanup

Patented Locking Mechanism

Antibacterial Medical Cotton

Top Refill System and Leak-proof

New Mini V2 Coils A1/A2/A3

Better Airflow System

It includes

    1 x TFV Mini V2 Tank (2ml)

    1 x Mini V2 A1 0.17ohm Single Coil (Pre-Installed)

    1 x Mini V2 A2 0.2Ω Double Coils

    1 x User Guide

    Spare parts


Aspire e-cigs seem to have been biding their time with new releases over the last year with just a handful of products like the Aspire Triton / Triton 2, the Pegasus along with the Mini Odyssey being their main focus.

The Aspire Cleito tank is something just a little bit different from the sub-ohm tank world in that the coil itself simplifies the normal chimney design that is used in the majority of tanks currently available.

In The Box:

The Cleito comes in a nice acrylic case and contains the following:

Main Specs

    3.5ml Juice ability

    22mm Diameter

    52mm height 

    304 Stainless Steel Construction

    Top Fill

    0.2 ohms (55-70W) / 0.4 ohms (40-60W) Clapton coils

    Compatible with 510 drip tips

    Nice clean layout

Build Quality & Design

It's a fantastic, clean looking layout which fits my tastes perfectly, the build quality is spot on and feels solid in the hand too.

There have been loads of tanks lately which are big things (SMOK TFV4) and if there is nothing wrong with that, the Cleito just looks great sat on many mods.

Nearly all the tank is clear glass with all the stainless steel base and top cover finishing things off a treat. 

Top Filling

The very best fill caps are usually simple enough to function, only a case of unscrewing the surface, squeezing the juice in the juice ports and replacing the cap.

The tank doesn't, due to the 1 piece chimney/coil design, allow you to swap coils out whenever there is e juice from the tank. So be sure it's empty or you'll get e-liquid all over the place.

Not surprising though they also act as the chimney in the tank .

There are 3 large wicking holes around the coil, the cotton seems to run in 2 layers within the coil.

There is a thin outer layer, that is the observable part that can be seen through the wicking holes, then internally there is a heftier wrap of cotton round the coil itself within a secondary wall.

The coil itself seems to take around 3/4 of the chimney.

So all very simple on the build side of stuff. It definitely can look a little basic at first glance when compared to other sub-ohm tanks.

Do not let that put you off though because it offers anything but basic performance, we'll come to that second.


The Aspire Cleito is up at the top of the pile when it comes to providing some of the best flavour available from a sub-ohm tank I have used. The clouds it produces are also pretty impressive.

The simplicity of this tank along with the new coil/chimney design makes it a cinch to use and looks great on top of most devices.


    Outstanding taste in the Clapton coils

    Lots of vapour Manufactured

    Very well priced tank

    Clean design

    Really good build quality

    I didn't encounter any leaking

    Good coil life


    The tank needs to be empty to swap coils

    Can get a touch hot with higher wattage (Bands are provided to dissipate heat)

HORIZONTECH FALCON KING                                                                           

The Falcon King is a 26-millimetre diameter tank built of stainless steel with wide bore drip trick. The brand new top fill attribute has a push-button release. The consumer pushed the button, the top flips open, refill with your favourite vape juice, close the door and maintain vaping. I adored the push button fill. It works superbly.

The tank is a total of 59.5 mm tall and the bubble tank includes a 28 millimeter diameter using a 6 tsp vape juice capability. The enhanced dual airflow is smoother and also guide the air through the core of the coil. The elongated elevation of these coils enhances taste by decreasing chimney length. In general, a superb layout.

HorizonTech utilizes bamboo fiber coils rather than natural cotton coils. They inform us that the bamboo is your key to their exceptional flavour functionality. I don't even understand the science on how that could work but I do understand the outcomes. And the results have been excellent flavour so that I would indicate that bamboo is a fantastic wicking material to express taste. The entire height recorded includes the 510 link at the bottom of the tank.

Stainless Steel structure:

    59.5 mm tall

    26 millimeter diameter

    28 millimeter glass tank diameter

    push button to flip tank open for filling

    Wide bore colour matched drip tip

    510 link

    Dual underside airflow controller 

The Falcon King includes:

    Falcon King vape tank

    M1 Mesh Coil

    M Double Coil

    Spare glass tubing

    Spare O-rings

    Falcon King user guide 

New Falcon King Coils

HorizonTech introduced two new Falcon King coils. Please be aware that the first Falcon coils will operate from the Falcon King tank. These brand new coils are intended to be more lasting than the originals. And more lasting than rival coils. I discovered no indication of decreased performance throughout testing. I feel that is sufficient proof to attest to how the brand new Falcon King coils are enhanced and more lasting.

Another new coil is your M Double atomizer coil.

M Double Coil - plus a mesh coil. Ranked at 80 watts.

Precision machining and technology is discernable with the Falcon King. There are not any leaks. The airflow part is nicely designed and easy.

    The simplicity of use - 92

Shifting vape coils is simple due to the build quality. Simple to switch and isolate vape juice particularly with the push button fill.

The airflow will look smoother and improved. There's some sound with limited airflow but the majority of the time vapers can use using a more open stream.

    Vapour Generation - 80

This is a difficult one to score since the Falcon King isn't created for cloud pursuing. Concerning the vapour generation, the vapour generation is superb.  vapour generation isn't the priority since this tank is all about taste. Although the vapour manufacturing score is from the typical selection, it's still awesome especially to get a taste tank. So take this typical score with a grain of salt.

    Falcon King Flavor Performance - 95

this is the closest maximum score I've ever given for taste. In reality, given the falcon King is a wonderful tank, this score combined with build quality would be the most significant ratings. Accordingly, in calculating the overall quality, I will count taste twice to provide a more precise final level.

However, with this said, the evaluations are developed compared to rival devices. Therefore, the higher score for the taste performance ought to apply to additional vape fluids too. 


The coils on the marketplace for this tank will also be compatible with the Fireluke, Fireluke Pro and Mesh Pro tanks -- there are options for mesh coils and regular coils, four of each type:

The kit contains:

Thus, mesh coils. Why has there ever been a change recently to inventory coils of the sort? The change that we are seeing here is the point where the mesh has been used simply as the heating element (in precisely the exact same way that a Kanthal or SS wire is used in most stock-coil tanks) and a conventional cotton wicking material is employed in conjunction with it to vapourise juice that's been soaked into the cotton. The benefits of utilizing mesh over conventional round coils is the ramp up time is a lot faster, and, due to the larger surface area of the mesh in comparison to a coiled length of wire, it's far better at producing larger volumes of vapour when used in this way.

There have been some downsides reported with some sooner mesh coil set ups, they could produce killer dry hits! I'll admit to never having tried any of the earlier mesh coil tanks, and I suppose I'm grateful for not having experienced a dry hit from the Freemax Mesh expert, but I suppose it goes to figure - the massive surface area of the mesh covers a great deal of cotton, these coils can fire at big wattages - struck that when it is dry and you'll find an almighty lungful of burning harshness. Fast wicking with all these mesh coils is essential and this is really where Freemax seem to have nailed it.

When I opened the tank and looked in the pre-installed coil through the glass that the very first thing struck me was that there was space between the top of the wick and the hole in the tank, I thought that was a duff unit had a look in the pack of supplied coils, they all bar the two single mesh coil heads (Kanthal and SS) do not have this gap, however the dual and triple mesh coils equally perform.

On further evaluation, this will be to help avoid those nasty tender hits - Freemax have made these coils to allow juice to enter through these holes to keep the main coils saturated. The cotton you can see on the exterior of the tanks on these two versions isn't cotton that's joined to the mesh coils, the coils are in the centre of the tank and the cotton that they contact don't run around the outside of the tank . Like I said, this design is purely to keep those coils as wet as possible to make sure that you don't suffer a mesh dry strike -- the gaps allow juice to get into the middle section of the coil and maintain the cotton round the coils nicely soaked.

Hence that the potential for a dry strike from such tanks is low -- but the benefits of the mesh coils are big, the increased surface area of the heating component gives some really great clouds and fantastic flavour.

The options in terms of glass sizes and coils which you are able to use, give a fantastic deal of options. The top fill is actually clean and simple, among the best top fills that I have used in terms of simplicity -- the only downside is that it could do with a little more resistance to the push launching to make sure that accidental pocket or rear knocks do not push it open and cause a leak.

The coils are long-lasting, far more so the conventional round cable stock coils I have attempted in the past year or so. On the double and triple coil heads the flavour and vapour production were really, really excellent. I don't think you'll find a set up that is any better.

Taking it apart and cleaning the tank is really a breeze, the only downside with potential leak problems was down to a few of the replacement coils not needing the O-ring properly fitted, as long as you keep an eye on those then you ought to have a leak-free vaping encounter for this tank.

The only downside I can really level in this tank would be the cost of replacement coils in comparison to rebuildables. A 3 pack of coils will set you back anywhere from £9-15 -- so make sure you shop around for the best price if you go for one of these tanks. Three coils at a bunch is not a massive amount, but the lifespan of these coils is much better than many -- so in  general this is not too expensive an option, particularly when juice is in its lowest price ever. The cost-conscious vaper could happily live with these tanks, keep the sugary juices to a minimum and also a pack of three coils might easily last a month or so.



Inside you'll find:

    1x Nautilus 2 tank(Pre-installed a 0.7ohm coil)

    1x Extra Coil(1.8ohm)

    1x Extra Glass Tube

    8x O rings

    1x User Manual

    1x Warning Card

    1x Extra Drip tip

Nautilus 2 Specs

    Height: 53mm

    Diameter: 22mm

    Capacity: 2ml

    Material: Stainless Steel / aluminium

The fact it includes x2 coils is a nice touch.

However despite one of them seeming' to be sub ohm [0.7ohm] Aspire provides its best wattage in 23watts.

You can naturally take DTL hits and to be honest I quite enjoyed that way of vaping with this nifty little tank but more about this later.

Key Features

Apart from the design -- which we will get to -- and also the reality it comes in a range of colour options -- it is the airflow that grabs the eye.

The first had x3 settings and to be fair even broad open the draw has been tight.

The Aspire Nautilus 2 has x5 airflow holes every one diminishing in size. The best thing about this is you can tailor your perfect settings.

Broad open and the draw is airy but with just enough restriction not to mention the holes you start the tighter it becomes.

You get a fabulous vape whichever way you set it and with only the tiniest hole available -- the vape whilst restrictive and on the warm side it isn't in any way uncomfortable and the flavor is perfect and just right in my opinion.

The Way To Load The Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank

It's a top fill layout which only means that you do the following:

    Unscrew the bell shaped outer sheath

    Fill directly into the tank [preventing the central chimney] -- there's plenty of space too. 

Unfortunately it is not what you could call a'clean hands' coil swap and you will lose any e-liquid left inside the tank when it comes to swapping them out.

Based on the coil you'll be vaping between 10 and 23 watts.

Design wise I think that it's stunning -- but like most things it's subjective. I am only able to say initially I hated it in my hands and on a mod I really like it.

Assemble wise and as you might expect from Aspire what's machined to perfection.

There is no screeching or'crunchy sandy' sounds off the connections which screw together snug and sweet.

You get x2 vase shaped mouthpieces -- one that matches the color of your mod and a stainless steel .

Overall it is a solid well-made beautifully made piece of kit and also at the time I've been using it there has been zero leaking whatsoever. 



The top-cap slides with a little twist, giving way to some beefy fill slot, whereas at precisely the exact same time working as a liquid flow control system. And this really is a major thing. The Zenith won't have any flooding, and you won't need to use some of those tricks you've become accustomed to so as to steer clear of gurgling and spitting about the initial draws. I have not had even the smallest bit of leaking, and the tank was performing perfectly after each draw.

The principal portion of the tank is 1 piece, with just the top cap and the airflow ring being detachable. 1 drawback to this design is that you can not take it apart to clean out the tank. You are going to need to take out the coil, allow water run within, then blow off the excess water, and allow it to dry off for a few hours. Another possible issue comes in the fact that the glass component of this tank is constructed within the metallic component of the principal body. This usually means that you can not replace the glass when it breaks. You have to be mindful or utilize a vape ring.

From the box, you'll also find a thank you card using a QR code, which contributes to a webpage with movie tutorials from Phil Busardo. Thumbs around Innokin for those videos, that is going to be a true aid for new vapers.

Coil functionality

Both coils are very similar to Innokin's iSub coils, together with the 510 link housed within the coil . You simply unscrew the airflow ring, then remove the coil, set the new coil working with the 2 notches as a manual, twist the ring back and you're all set.

The Zenith is your very first MTL tank which caused me to raise an eyebrow because the coming of Aspire's Nautilus 2. In my view, Innokin's new offering is a superb alternative for new vapers, particularly those who concentrate on the usefulness greater than they do to the plan. It's a more flexible tank using a much better filling mechanism compared to the 2, eliminating all of the issues users of the tank had with flooding, leaking, and gurgling.


Triton 2 Characteristics

The new Aspire Triton two

The Triton two is the upgraded version of this highly effective Triton tank program. According to board their clients' opinions, Aspire have addressed a number of the most frequent complaints regarding the tank; main among them the inability to fully clean the tank for cleaning. To do so, the general power of the tank was decreased from 3.5ml to 3ml, therefore it's going to be down to the consumer to determine whether this is really a worthy tradeoff. Each of the Triton's key attributes, however, stay. The top fill system stays, as does the huge quantity of airflow customisation which created the tank stick out. Aspire also have added a fresh heatsink below the drip to be able dissipate the heat related to the high power sub ohm vaping the Triton excels at, along with bigger juice flow holes resulting in the coil to prevent dry hits using thick, VG-heavy juices. The heatsink also functions as a clasp to help the elimination of this drip tip system for refilling, which screws to the tank rather than being hauled in with only an o-ring.


Much like the first Triton, the Triton two has exceptional functionality, on par with all the heavy hitters of this present crop of sub-ohm tanks, also the accession of Aspire's new clapton coils, in some ways surpasses them.

Aspire's enhanced top fill system which makes sure your tank pleasant and Simple

Using and filling the tank is extremely easy thanks to its always outstanding machining and thoughtful positioning of elevated sections to assist with grasping the numerous areas of the tank which may be adjusted. While the airflow management ring does not click into position, it's a wonderful quantity of immunity to it letting you fine tune the specific quantity of airflow which suits how you vape. Because of it's split chamber layout, I have yet to get it flow when filling the tank or altering the coil, even if the tank itself is complete.

The Triton two comes equipped with Aspire's new Clapton coils, offering a larger surface area onto the coil to ease increased vapour manufacturing, and can be a noticeable improvement over the first coils concerning flavour. The brand-new clapton coil is an extremely impressive piece of engineering and also the star of this series with all the Triton 2, giving away a thick, dense cloud of vapour. Thus far, with the clapton coil in 40 watts I've not had one dry strike after placing around 15 tanks of 70-100percent VG juice . It's worth pointing out that any coil at the brand new range will require the time to prime, particularly with higher electricity coils. The standard Triton coils haven't gone without an upgrade , eschewing regular kanthal wire in favor of surgical grade stainless steel, available in either 0.3 or 0.4 ohm types, allowing the coils to possess a far larger surface area compared to their kanthal counterparts in precisely the exact same immunity, which makes for a more compact and flavourful vape. Each one the new Triton coils are evil with Japanese cotton.


From the box

Delivered at exactly the identical tough plastic clamshell casing because its predecessor, the Atlantis two has been delivered safe and protected. It was totally oil or clean or machine scents - great to go from the box as much as I was concerned.

No replacement glass tank at the copy we had been shipped, unlike the prior version - with those imports in #5 a pop this could be of concern to the awkward vapers out there but that didn't disturb me.


The 0.3 ohm coils have been indicated with a working assortment of 70-80W, the 0.5 using 20-30W along with the 1 ohm in 40-50W - so must be a error there someplace. That can be from the Atlantis Mega and we'll be looking at the following week.

The crumbly ceramic substance is gone, replaced with cotton - a fantastic move on their part, we'll see whether it assists with flavour whatsoever soon.

Atlantis 2 ability

The power of this tank was upped from 2ml to 3ml that was well needed. This variant may vapourise your juice in a quicker speed than variant 1 so at 3ml you'll be topping this poor boy up too often.


I've already mentioned the adjustments to the coil heads to permit a rise of airflow . To find the excess air into the bottom of the tank Aspire have inserted an excess airflow inlet into the bottom assembly. In case you've got one of those first Atlantis tanks then have a look over your tank and envision another inlet contrary to the first! The air ducts are not as large as the Freemax Starre however they're more than ample. The airflow in the bottom can easily be altered using the tank fixed to a own mod - that the airflow ring has fine grooves inside and the ring goes freely.

The airflow ring clicks into position and there are two or three points in which this clicks - either side completely open and a single side about half clean and the flip hand a quarter or so very clear. All these are put sizes and of course it is possible to play both to a part close off the vents however they won't click into position but I do not find this as a issue.

The warmth upgrades and also the alterations to the coil are put on as far as I'm concerned - great operate Aspire, these ought to fly off the shelves. 



The device has a pleasant 510 pin with slits around the bottom for tanks that still utilize bottom airflow. The pin itself is gold plated and it has a brief yet firm throw for it. Regrettably, I did get any atty rash already and that's kind of disappointing as it comes to the finish on this mod. So far all my atomizers have sat flush and appear to generate a excellent connection. You may get up to some 22mm tank on the Zelos with no overhang at all.

The fire button on the Zelos is little but it does have a fantastic feel for this. It's made out of metal and slightly raised by the mod but very clicky. The plus and minus buttons are raised too and they got a similar texture to the fire . Beneath the plus minus buttons, we have the charge update port. It is a horizontally mounted port and effective at 1 amp charging.

The screen may be small but it's very vibrant and bright. It's a car reverse feature that I have really begun to enjoy. No matter which way you hold the mod, your screen will automatically flip so you can read the screen easily. When it flips, it does flip quite fast. At the base of the mod, there is some battery venting.


The Zelos Kit Includes all the Nautilus 2 tank. Aspire did a beautiful job fitting the mod and tank shade. The provided tank is a very limited direct lung tank or a straight up MTL tank based on how you set up your air flow.

I adore the drip tips that are included together with the Zelos Kit. They're contoured, restrictive, tall, and narrow bore. You receive one in silver and one in black. They're very comfortable drip tips for MTL vaping. Absolutely adore them.

Good Aspects 

    Without doubt the general build quality -- Minimum wear and tear from heavy use

    Auto flip screen works nicely

    Compact mod which would fit well in the tiniest handed adults out there

    Perfectly matched with the Nautilus two tank

    Beginner friendly

    Good battery life

    Vape whilst charging

    Outstanding tank included with the kit version


The Aspire Pockex is from one of the most recognisable brands in the vaping industry, I’m sure that you have heard of Aspire and the quality products that they manufacture. 

Aspire rarely put out any products that aren’t well received, I’m sure you’d agree if you have been a user of their products.

Aspire Pockex Details

The Pockex is a great choice for a MTL (mouth to lung) device. This device is made for simplicity in mind for the vapers out there that don’t want to mess around with variable device and a simple click of the button and instant draw from mouth to lung. 

This device comes with a 1500mah battery which is sure to get you through a long day without the need to charge up. The package includes 2 coils and will last you a good two weeks to a month.

What’s In The Box?

  • X1 Pockex AIO device

  • X2 O.6 ohm 316l atomizers

  • X1 USB cable

  • X1 User manual

  • X1 Warranty Card

Make sure that before you are ready to start vaping on this device that you fill the tank with juice and allow a few minutes for the coil to soak up the juice otherwise you’ll be left with the dreaded dry hit that we all despise as vapers.


The design on the Pockex is perfect for stealth vaping and keeping it discreet, it is a nice compact device which is the perfect fit for anyone's pocket (hence the name Pockex!). The device is very lightweight which is a surplus to carry around in your pocket throughout the day.

Changing The Coils

Another lovely factor about the Pockex is that you won’t have to worry about e-liquid spilling as the tank is designed in a way where the coil is screwed to the top cap and the liquid will go straight into the juice chamber. 

Experience With The Pockex

This device provides fantastic flavor with more than satisfying vapor production, it’s simple to use and the battery will provide you enough to last a whole day on full charge. The swapping of coils is extremely easy and even the inexperienced of vapors will find its a breeze to change over, it’s also top fill which is in my opinion advantageous because bottom fill tanks require you to unthread the tank and is just a real pain in the ass.

Because this device has so many great design pro’s to it, I do not have a bad word to say about it considering the price as a factor. I advise you to grab yourself one of these bad boys if you need a great MTL device that has a battery that will last an age.


The K3 kit is perfect for a cig-like starter kit, this portable lightweight and small kit will without a doubt satisfy your vaping needs. It provides a simple no fuss user experience and is intended for smokers looking to make the switch, it will not however provide huge clouds, the kit is meant for people who want a satisfying hit with a great taste aswell.

Experience with Aspire K3 Kit

This kit provides a fantastic enhancement to any liquid that you throw at it, the coils last a very long time compared to other cig-like vapes on the market. The vapor is very smooth which is a nice aspect to the device, overall a satisfying flavor and draw from this nice lightweight device. Again with Aspire you will seldom let down from their sheer quality of the product that they manufacture.

What’s Included in the Kit?

  • 1 x K3 Battery

  • 1 x K3 Tank

  • 2 x 1.8Ω Replacement Atomizer Head

  • 1 x Micro USB Cable

  • 1 x User manual

Who Will The Aspire K3 Kit Suit?

This kit will suit vapers who require a strong but lightweight device, the tank is 2ml TPD compliant and holds 1.8 Nautilus coils which are amongst the best coils out there on the market that will give you good lifespan before having to go out and purchase more coils.

The device is convenient and very portable to carry around on a working day. Out of the box this device will be up and running in under 10 minutes and you will not have any issue at all in setting this up.


The Smok Nord has been a huge success and is seriously a device worth considering, if you are looking for an ultra compact, light and satisfying vape then definitely go for this as the price point is very light on the pocket just like the device itself..

It is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best pod systems on the marker as it not only is a pod device but it also has replaceable coils which is rare to find with pod systems. 

In The Box

  • 1x Smok Nord Mod

  • 1x Nord Pod

  • 1×0.6ohm sub ohm coil

  • 1×1.4ohm MTL coil

  • 1xUSB cable

  • User manual

Design and Build Quality 

The Smok Nord is a robust device and because of it’s inline Pod system that sits flush in the body of the battery it will not break the plastic in the pod as it is completely covered, while only revealing a portion of the tank to reveal the juice level.

The battery is a staggering 1100mah, which came as a surprise to me considering the size of it. The device is very deceiving and you’d think that it comes with a low output of power but trust me. You’ll not be disappointed with it. 

The front of the device has a button in the center which when pressed twice will indicate the battery level.

The device is easily charged with a micro usb by putting the usb in the bottom usb connector at the bottom.

It is very simple to refill, there is a rubber sleeve on the side of the pod and the mouthpiece is very comfortable to vape on and is very durable.


The coils provided with the kit are great, however I would recommend the 0.6 mesh coils as it has a larger surface area and will last longer than the average coil. I’d personally recommend the 0.8 MTL mesh coil for MTL using nic salts or standard liquids with a higher PG. The 0.6 coil is perfect for using high VG premium juices as well.


The Smok Nord Pod system is enough to satisfy anyone in the vaping community whether they have devices that throw enormous clouds or someone who is wanting to quit smoking and subsidise with this device. This is without a doubt the best pod system I have ever used and I urge everyone to try this out.