Eleaf Tance Max Review (Best Pod Vape In 2019?)


Eleaf Tance Max Review - This Could Be The Best Pod Vape In 2019!

The Tance Max is a brand new pod system vape from the famous manufacturer Eleaf, This is completely different from all Eleaf devices and they have really raised the bar with this device. It comes in six eye catching and joyous designs which are sure to get the attention of vapers. The Tance Max is a sturdy, robust and great device which comes packaged with two replaceable coils.  This is typically used as a MTL vape and is also designed with a configurable airflow which allows the user to customise until the vapor is of their preference. There is also a fantastic USB-C type which allows crazy fast charging, not to mention that the battery on the device is a whopping 1100mah which is amazing for a compact vape which is not heavy on the wallet nor the pocket.

There are a lot of pod systems in the vape market, the Tance Max is out rivalling a lot of other manufactures with their sleek design, great battery life and adjustable airflow. 


Box Contents


  • 1 x Eleaf Tance Max Device

  • 1 x Tance Max Pod

  • 1 x 0.6ohm GS Air M

  • 1 x 1.6ohm GS Air S

  • 1 x Type-C Cable

  • 1 x User Manual

  • Integrated 1100mAh Battery

  • 15W Maximum Wattage

  • Zinc-Alloy Construction

  • Button Activated Firing

  • 4ml Max Capacity

  • Refillable Pod

  • Replaceable Coils

What Is The Design and Build Quality Like?

The Tance Max is a very comfortable device to hold in the hand and to carry about on a long day. 

The dimensions of this device: 101mm in length, 31mm width and 20.5mm thick. This device is relatively fat but is not by any means a struggle to grip on to, the pod device has relatively common dimensions in opposition to many other pod systems on the market. The weight of the device is certainly enough to ensure durability over time and gives the user a feeling that the device can go through enduring use. 

The color choices are a big selling point to the Trance Max and will definitely suit a wide array of people due to their being six colors to choose from.

There are four really striking color choices for the Tance Max and from the image below you’ll see just how good they look, but to back that up, the devices look and feel amazing in person as I’ve had the privilege of trying this device.

The Six Color Choices For The Tance Max

Tance Max Pod & Coils

The pod on the Tance Max is quite possibly my favorite pod that I’ve experienced. It is held securely in the device by a magnet and pops into the device itself like a dream, not to mention that you don’t need to fear the pod coming out of the device due to magnet secured mechanism.

The mouthpiece has a curve to it which makes it really snug to draw on, which is a nice touch.

For liquid level the pod is fairly easy to judge, it is lightly tinted but you’ll still be able to see when you’ll need to re-fill the pod with liquid.

Changing coils on this pod system are really easy and provides a no fuss experience for the user due to the threaded AFC base which provides a solid grip for getting the base out and screwing the coil back on to the base.

Refilling The Tance Max Pod

Refilling is intuitive and is done through the bottom fill mechanism which has a 180 degree swivel door, the juice chamber is very easy to fill and you’ll have no issue placing nozzles from various ejuice bottles into the fill door. Leaking will not be any hassle with this pod as the swivel fill port secures into place and I have personally not had any problems with leakage.


There are two coils that you will find once you purchase the Tance Max, which are...

  • 1 x 0.6ohm GS Air M coil (mesh) 

  • 1 x 1.6ohm GS Air S coil (stainless steel)

The 0.6 M coil will provide an open airflow MTL experience, I find that the mesh coil can last up to a few weeks with moderate use, you will get a lot of vapor production surprisingly considering it’s a compact device and coil. Generally mesh coils are more favorable in my opinion due to the larger surface area than regular stainless steel coils.

The 1.6 coil will be best suited to vapers who want a similar restrictive MTL which can be similar to smoking regular cigarettes. 

Airflow On The Tance Max

There are two airflow holes on the body of the Tance Max which will deliver air through to the pod. These holes feed into the airflow control ring at the base of the pod. The AFC ring completely adjustable providing four airflow holes, this is great for both MTL and DL vapers. 

The airflow is fantastic on this device due to the fact that it is a pod system and many other devices which are pod oriented do not provide airflow adjustments, I found that you can get a warm and restrictive DL on this device by opening up the airflow completely, it’s a very satisfying vape on the Tance Max. 

I am going to admit that with just two holes open on the airflow that there is far better flavor production while still gaining plentiful clouds at the same time.

For DL & MTL vapers this device will suit either due to it’s customisable airflow AFC ring. In conclusion to the airflow, it is really effective and will definitely out perform many pod systems on the market.




1100mah battery will provide you more than enough throughout a moderate day of use. For a compact pod device the battery is definitely a winning factor and is powerful as well.

Because of the low wattage used by the device and the type of coils provided, the battery is not being used to the max all the time and will have plenty of longevity. Considering the fact that it is USB-C type charging, when you run out of battery juice, you’ll be good to go in less than half an hour of charging to keep you going another couple of hours!.

To gauge what the current battery life is on the device the fire button will tell you from the three colors the percentage left.

  • Green: 100-60%  

  • Blue: 59-20%

  • Red: Less than 19%

Pro Tip: A neat addition to this device is when you rotate it 90 degrees it will give you the current battery level!



Performance & Vapor Production (Quality and Flavor)

Eleaf have manufactured a lot of devices in their time and not all of those devices have been amazing, however with the Tance Max Pod Vape, Eleaf have raised the bar with their innovative design on this device. 

I personally wouldn't use this device with the airflow ring all the way open due to a lack of flavor, I would recommend users to restrict the airflow to two holes to gain a new perspective on the vapor production and flavor potential of the Tance. With two holes open I believe that most people will agree when trying that it will provide a lovely warm satisfying vapor with just enough cloud production to be content with. 

When using the 1.6 stainless steel coil for MTL vaping I’d still recommend tapering down to two holes open just because it is more restrictive and will allow quality e-juice to be vaped at the optimum flavor.

There were no problems with leaking which can be common amongst pod vape devices! 

The swivel juice door will keep the liquid secure in the pod and I still think that the addition of the pod being fitted into place with the magnet mechanism is advantageous as it will prevent wear of the mouthpiece going in and out of the device when refilling and changing coils.

Consensus (Should You Buy?)

There are a lot of perks to this device, the pros outweigh the cons and I feel like purchasing one for myself due to it’s striking design, amazing battery and pod mechanisms. 

The battery life for me is a winner as there is nothing worse than having to re-charge, however due to the fast charge capability if recharging is a must throughout the day, it's good to know that you can go from a dead battery to a full charge in less than an hour! For a device that is compact the battery is a mammoth and will provide enough power for chain-vapers and casual users.

I highly recommend the Tance Max and that you should go ahead and buy one to see for yourself how amazing this device is, I still advise closing of the airflow to produce optimal flavor as the taste of e-juice is always important, especially when buying more expensive juice. The price of this device is not going to break the bank and I’m sure that upon your purchase and use of this pod system that you’ll be thankful that you read through this brutally honest review.