Facts about e-cigarettes since June 2018


According to National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine Washington report (June 2018), e-cigarettes bring benefits and risks at the same time and we want to highlight the most important ones for our vape store customers.

E-cigarette report

First of all we have to mention that the main conclusion from the report was that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes, while they have not been claimed as a totally safe practice in our daily life.

E-cigarettes are considered, according to the report, addictive, and comparable to traditional cigarettes, nicotine intake is comparable for experienced adults. However, the risk of getting addicted is lower when vaping e-cigarettes.

Our advice is to consider getting e-liquids with less amount of nicotine and decrease daily vape amount in your individual practice. Short fills can be the best choice.

Another paragraph is about toxic substances and claims that e-cigarettes contain less toxic substances than the smoke from traditional ones. On the other hand the research proves that e-cigarettes still deliver numerous potentially toxic substances, especially metals, except for cadmium. The use of e-cigarettes increase indoors accumulated nicotine and concentration of airborne particulate matter.

Once again we have to warn all vapour users to organize their daily vaping routine and reduce the amount of nicotine and frequency of their daily vape to keep their health at safe level.

On the other hand the report mentions that e-cigarettes containing nicotine can be more effective in quitting smoking than the e-cigarettes without nicotine. At this point there cannot be a right judgement on vapour usage.

Control your daily vape

There are no long-term changes in heart rate, blood pressure or heart function, but please note that the heart rates increase while using e-cigarettes and the same happens with blood pressure. The e-cigarettes have not been rated as a carcinogenic - which is their biggest advantage over traditional cigarettes. There is also no evidence about any respiratory diseases.

The clear evidence confirmed that drinking or injecting e-liquid will be fatal as well as exposure to the eyes or skin. Please be careful while refilling your tanks and using vape products.

Change from conventional to electronic

According to the report the exposure on chemical substances will be definitely lower after substituting traditional cigarettes with e-cigarettes.


There are several advantages of e-cigarettes comparing to conventional ones. You decrease dangerous impact of tar, carcinogenic substances and other toxic chemicals.

But keep in my mind that e-cig is not 100% safe for you health, while they still contain nicotine and other toxic substances. Their effect on the body has not beed pointed us harmfull while vaping. Reasonable use of vape products will definitely help to keep your body in balanced health.

Source: https://nationalacademies.org/