How did the TPD Regulations really affect vaping in UK


The main points of the TPD - Tobacco Product Directive 

Since 20th of May 2017 all of the e cigarette and e liquid vendors in UK had to comply with the European TPD regulations. Some of the rules are as follows: 

- Maximum tank capacity can not exceed 2ml

- Maximum E-Liquid capacity should not exceed 10ml

- Maximum Vape Eliquid nicotine strength can not be higher than 20mg 

- All brands who want to sell ecigarette devices and eliquids in UK need to register each model of the product in HMRC 

And what do you think about the TPD?

As all of us know, the vendors and the vapers, the TPD regulations caused a lot of hassle in the vape industry. A lot of people claim that it is ridiculous that you can buy a 1 litre bottle of poisonous pipe cleaning liquid but you can't buy 30ml ejuice anymore or that it is illegal to buy 3ml tank but you can purchase 1 litre capacity bong to smoke illegal substances in it. But don't worry. The new law is quite new and there is already hundreds of ecig products in the market which wisely elude the TPD Regulations. 

60ml Eliquids  

How to sell 60ml big size eliquid? It resulted really simple. Vape juice factories started producing short fills. Short fill is 0mg strength eliquid closed in 60ml or higher capacity bottle with a space left inside to add nicotine booster. When you add 10ml of 18mg nic shot to 50ml 0mg you will obtain 60ml of 3mg ejuice. 

4ml Tanks

Bigger tanks? Why not. Buy 2ml capacity tank and later upgrade it with bigger glass chamber. There is another option to increase the capacity with Exo tank from Aspire. Screw out the coil and replace it with Cleito coil. The coil is smaller so the tank will grow bigger... Smart and innovative way to elude the TPD. What do you think???

Results of the TPD

As you can see the TPD didn't make a lot of changes in the market. People still order from abroad non complaint products, you can buy shortfills and then still use big bottles of eliquid or upgrade your tank to a bigger size. The only thing is that manufacturers had to pay loads of money to the government to register their products. Those companies who didn't have enough money disappeared... Once again in advantage are big and global companies which could afford the pricey registration process. 

And what do you think about the TPD??