What is Short Fill E Liquid?


Short Fill E Liquid and TPD Regulations

Before explaining what exactly short fill e liquid is, we would like to tell you why it was created. You probably heard about TPD regulations (the Tobacco Product Directive) which banned vape juice in the bottle with capacity higher then 10ml.

As vaping got really popular the performance of ecigarettes got a lot better. Some of the tanks produce massive clouds of vapour, and so on they consume loads of liquid. Obviously buying more and bigger quantities is always cheaper, not only in e-juice industry. So before the TPD the big bottles where really popular, but unfortunately it has ended after the tobacco directive come into date on 20th of May 2017.

What is Short Fill Vape Liquid? 

The Tobacco Directive states that the capacity of the bottle containing e-liquid can't be higher then 10ml. But the politicians didn't think about one important thing. Namely, e-liquid which doesn't contain nicotine doesn't fall under the TPD. 

To go further, short fill is e-liquid which does not contain nicotine and is usually is sold in 60ml capacity bottle with 50ml vape juice inside. You can also find 120ml bottles with 100ml of eliquid inside. There is 10ml or 20ml space left to add nicotine shot, also called nicotine booster, which is flavourless e-liquid containing usually 18mg or 20mg of nicotine. After adding nic shot to the short fill you will get 60ml or 120ml of ejuice containing more less 3mg of nicotine. 

add nic shot to short fill

Do the short fills taste the same as standard e-liquids? 

We often get asked a lot of questions about the short fills. People are concerned if the short fills tastes the same as standard eliquids, as nicotine shot gets added to the short fill it dilutes the ejuice and it might have less intense taste.

The respond is no. The manufacturers thought about everything and while production they add more flavouring to the short fill liquid so after adding the nic booster it will become a perfect mix. 

Do short fills cost less then 10ml eliquids? 

Yes, usually short fills are a lot cheaper then 10ml bottles. The average cost of a shortfill including the nicotine shot oscillates between £10 and £17 for 60ml ready to vape liquid. Normally for 60ml of premium e-liquid you would have to pay around £20 - £30. 

gloom eliquid shortfill