When to change my ecig coil?


What is the e cig coil 

E cig coil also known as atomizer or atomizer head coil is a device installed into your clearomizer which is responsible of turning the e-liquid into vapour. the bottom of the coil is connected to the battery from where is getting power to heat up the wire which is surrounded by a cotton sheet soaked with eliquid. Wire gets hot and the vape liquid turns into vapour. The coils get used so you will need to replace them after some time. 

When should I change the coil in my vape

We already know that the e cig coils get used, but how do I know when is the time to replace them? There are quite a few signs that occur to your vape pen and they are indicators that the coil needs to be changed for a new one. 

The most common sign is gargling in your clearomizer. You cannot take a clean puff because your coil is flooded with e-liquid. It happens because the cotton inside the coil is used and there is too much vape juice soaking through. 

The next step after getting the gargling sound is leaking. There is too much eliquid in the coil so it starts leaking through the air outlet holes of the clearomizer. It might leak from the bottom of the base and accumulate in the threading of the battery. 

After some time the cotton in the coil gets burned and it affects the taste of your vape pen. The flavour isn't as clean and intense like in the beginning and you get a burned taste. 

E-liquid inside the tank gets darker colour and your e cig is producing less vapour. The final step is when your electronic cigarette stops working completely. If you use box mod it will tell ''short circuit''.  

How long does a coil last in a vape

The atomizer coils get used and you need to replace them after some period of time. You should replace it when some factors above occur to your vape pen. But after what time it happens? It's quite hard to tell. Normally the coils last from 1 up to 4 weeks. All depends how often you use your vape and how you use it. 

To extend the lifespan of your coil always make sure that there is eliquid in your tank. Do not use it when it's empty. Try not to take double draws. Hold the power button when you take a draw and release it when you finish. Always stick to the wattage recommendations on the coil. Do not go too high because you will burn the coil. Remember to turn off the device if you keep it in your pocket. The ecig might turn on, when the fire button pressed without inhaling the coil will get burned. 

How to change your e cig coil

Changing the coil in your clearomizer is really simple. If it's a bottom coil atomizer you just have to turn it upside down and unscrew the base of the tank from the top part. Then unscrew the coil from the base and screw in a new one. Make sure that it's tight, refill and screw back the top. Wait at least 5 minutes and you are ready to vape. It's recommended to clean with a tissue the base of the tank and threading of the battery meanwhile replacing the atomizer.

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