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    Caterpillar Clapton Wire


    Caterpillar Clapton resistance wire from Vapethink for making your own coils. Kernel: 28ga*2, Wrapped: 32ga a1, Length: 3 metres.

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    Mains plug


    Mains power plug with USB port suitable for United Kingdom. Plug type G with three pins for charging e cigarette batteries. Before charging your electronic cigarette make sure that this plug is suitable for charging your ecig battery.

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    E-cig Lanyard

    From: £0.99

    Leather electronic cigarette lanyard. Fits perfectly with vape pen e-cigarettes and vaporizers. Protect your ecig from falling down, bumping and cracking. It's always better to invest in an e-cig cord than buying a new vape pen.

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    USB VV Passthrough Charger


    High Quality Variable Voltage VV USB passthrough charger for your Ego and EVOD battery. Long charging cable 76 cm. LED light indicator. Voltage range from 3.0V to 4.8V.

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    E-cig Rubber Stand

    From: £0.77

    E-cigarette rubber stand fits any EVOD / EGO style batteries. Use it to keep your vaporiser in upright position.

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    E-cigarette Lanyard

    From: £0.99

    Fits 650mah / 900mah / 1100mah / 1300mah EVOD or EGO type batteries.

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    Coil Master 18650 Battery Sleeve


    Protect your 18650 battery from bumps, falls and short circuits. Battery case made from the highest quality food grade silicone. Capable to hold two 18650 batteries

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    Eleaf Micro USB Cable


    The Eleaf Micro USB Cable Cord Charger can be used to charge devices that accept a micro USB entry and is compatible with any e-cigarette or any device which requires higher current up to 2.0A. The Eleaf cable is much longer than most micro USB cables that come in most sets - 1 metre length.

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    Subox / Topbox Nano Silicone Cover

    From: £0.79

    Silicone cover fits Subox and Topbox Nano electronic cigarettes MOD.

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    Wick n' Vape Cotton Bacon


    The best existing cotton for wicking in the vaping market. Made in USA, very safe to use in rebuildable atomizers. Purified and tasteless cotton. Clear and strong flavour guaranteed.

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    Atlantis replacement tank 5ML


    Fits Atlantis & Atlantis II e-cigarette tanks. Clear part of e-cigarette tank that can extend your clearomizer up to 5ml.

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    Atlantis replacement glass


    Spare glass fits Atlantis tank