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    Eleaf Micro USB Cable


    The Eleaf Micro USB Cable Cord Charger can be used to charge devices that accept a micro USB entry and is compatible with any e-cigarette or any device which requires higher current up to 2.0A. The Eleaf cable is much longer than most micro USB cables that come in most sets - 1 metre length.

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    Wismec R80 510 Adapter


    Adapter for your Wismec R80 Mod. Connect a full variety of tanks to your MOD thanks to this R80 Adaptor

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    USB VV Passthrough Charger


    High Quality Variable Voltage VV USB passthrough charger for your Ego and EVOD battery. Long charging cable 76 cm. LED light indicator. Voltage range from 3.0V to 4.8V.

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    Mains plug


    Mains power plug with USB port suitable for United Kingdom. Plug type G with three pins for charging e cigarette batteries. Before charging your electronic cigarette make sure that this plug is suitable for charging your ecig battery.

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    USB charger


    Pencig USB charger with cord is compatible with standard eGo and Evod vape pen style batteries. Light indicator will show red light while charging and green light when your e-cig battery is fully charged. Do not leave your battery unattended while charging. Do not charge overnight.

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    XTAR VC 4


    XTAR VC4 can charge 4 batteries in the same time. This smart charger can charge, recognize and display charging current, charge capacity and battery voltage of both Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries at the same time

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    XTAR MC2 Charger


    Dual slot MOD batteries charger

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    JUUL Portable Charging Case


    Charging Case for JUUL Device

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    Mod Batteries charger from XTAR company. You can use it as a powerbank as well.

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    AWT C1 Mod Charger


    Charger for 1 battery. Promotional price £8.99. Automatically detects battery status, type and ideal charging mode. 3 charging modes (CV, CC, and Trickle Charge). 3 Colour LED displays charging progress for each battery.

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    E-cigarette Car Charger

    From: £0.79

    Fits any electronic cigarette USB chargers. Five different colours available for your choice. Compact size and stylish design.

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    Speedy 18650 Battery Charger. USB Output Function.