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    Iclear 30 coils

    From: £4.99

    Pack of 5 replacable dual coils for Iclear30. 1.8 ohm resistance.

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    5x Aspire Nautilus X Coils

    From: £12.49

    These Aspire Nautilus X Coils come in a pack of 5. Nautilus X coils are now rated at 1.5 ohm (14-20 watts) and 1.8 ohm (12-16 watts). These new aspire coils use the U-tech technology, which allows the vapor to flow through the u-shaped chamber and pass the kanthal coils twice before being inhaled. Aspires all-new airflow performance allows for unrivalled flavour and e liquid taste with these Nautilus X U-tech Coils ensuring maximum taste and durability.

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    5x Kanger Dual Coils SubOHM 0.8 ohm


    5x Dual coils from Kangertech SubOHM

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    5 x Innokin T18 coils

    From: £8.99

    Pack of 5 replacement coils for the Endura T18 and T22 Prism tanks.

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    5 x SMOK Gimlet Giant Coils

    From: £9.99

    Pack of 5 Parallel Dual Coils Atomizer Heads by SMOK. Resistance 1.5 or 2.0 ohm.

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    5 x T-dux coils


    Pack of 5 replacement atomizers (2.5mm Slot) for Smok vape tank T-Dux 3.0 and 4.0. T-core.

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    Blissie Replacement Coils


    Replacement head coils for Blissie starter kit. Pack of 5 coils.

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    5 x Innokin Endura T18E coils

    From: £8.99

    Designed for the Innokin Prism T18E tank, the T18E 1.5ohm are a higher resistance and are ideal for vapers who prefer a more restricted draw.

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    5 x Aspire BDC coils

    From: £9.99

    Pack of 5 Aspire coils. BVC series replaceable coils are developed for the Aspire clearomizer series. They are an upgraded version of the BDC Clearomiser replacement coils. These BVC coils have new wick system which uses high-tech material and technology which results in a purer taste and more efficient operation. As well as being compatible with the K1 they also work perfectly with other popular BDC clearomisers. Compatible K1 & K2 Clearomiser tanks, CE5, CE5-S, ET, ET-S, Viva Nova, Mini Viva Nova, Viva Nova – S.

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    5x Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils

    From: £12.49

    Pack of 5 replacement heads for the Mini Nautilus and Original Nautilus e-cigarette tank and now the K3 Quick Starter kit. New and innovative Vertical Coil heads offer a unique design making these atomizer heads last longer than other Aspire coils.

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    5x T2 wicks


    Pack of 5 T2 wicks. These are also the long wicks which reach right down to the bottom of the tank, this means you no longer have to keep tipping your e-cig to ensure the wicks are wet, and utilises all your eliquid from the clearomizer.

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    5x SMOK single coils

    From: £7.99

    Pack of single coils made by SMOK. These are replacement bottom coils that are made for the SmokTech bottom coil tanks. Bottom coil tanks and clearomizers provide a cooler vapour, with a superb clean flavor, and reduced wicking issues. This is due to the bottom coil design. These coils vape great and are versatile because they work with all Smok bottom coil tanks and clearomizers including but not limited to the ARO and Pyrex ARO II, the Trophy tank, the RBC tank, Mini Protank, Protank II and Mini Protank II.