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    Pencig Fruit Salad E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    This e-liquid is a mix of your favourite fruit. Find a bit of strawberry, blueberry, apple and watermelon in it. Fruitylicious fruit salad inside your tank only for £2.99.

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    Pencig Waffle Organic E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    Crispy buttery waffle with a light texture turned into vapour. It does sound crazy but it's true. Now you can vape waffles anytime you want.

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    Pencig Menthol Organic E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    Refreshing on the inhale and cool effect on the exhale. Try this Organic Menthol e-liquid without Propylene Glycol inside. Perfect for people allergic to PG.

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    Pencig Orange E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    Magic orange e-liquid from Pencig Vape Shop. And why is it so magic? Because it doesn't taste like simple orange. It has a really strong and intense flavour. By our customers it was described as an orange tic-tac flavour.

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    Pencig Tropic Shisha E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    Tropical Fruit is another huge clouds Shisha Style flavour by Pencig. Shisha edition comes with VG/PG 50/50 in 10ml bottles.

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    Pencig Caramel E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    Pencig caramel e-liquid is a delicious mixture of milk and cream, sugar, glucose, butter, and vanilla. Everything boiled to certain temperature until the sugar gets caramelised and then turned into your favourite vape juice - Caramel.

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    Pencig Nougat E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    Nougat flavour is a fantastic combination of blended nuts with caramel and chocolate. If you have ever tried Toblerone or turron sweets you will know what we are writing about. If not, order quickly the nougat e-liquid and immerse yourself into the vapour of sweets and chocolate.

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    Pencig Romance Zest E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    Romance Zest is 10ml eliquid that brings strong cinammoon flavour together with cream, custard and a little bit of apple aftertaste. It has 80/20 VG/PG and it's made in UK.

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    Pencig Liquorice Snap E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    Liqourice and fresh mint come in 10ml e-liquid bottle with Pencig's Liquorice Snap. This delicious blend of great liquorice together with refreshing mint has VG/PG 80/20.

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    Pencig Godfather E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    Godfather e-liquid is the true king of the city. Incredible mixture of Scottish Whisky and sweet almonds. Give it a try! Why not?

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    Pencig Tobacco Blend E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    Tobacco Mix of cigarette and rolling tobacco flavour. Interesting deep flavour. Perfect vapour for those who would like to try something new.

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    Pencig Sex On The Beach E-Liquid 10ml

    From: £0.99

    The Sex on the Beach cocktail is a popular drink which conquered a lot of hearts of party lovers. This fruity beverage is a mix of vodka, orange juice, peach schnapps and cranberry juice. This e-liquid due to its exquisite flavour tends to be really popular on hot summer evenings on the beach. Don't worry if you don't have access to one. While vaping this e-juice you will feel like in Brazilian Copacabana.