ANML Unleashed Grizzly 6 x 10ml

ANML E-Liquid

The best chocolate eliquid in the whole world. This vape liquid is more chocolate that you can even imagine. Find inside the e juice famous Chocolate Chip Cookies mixed with fresh Milk. The ANML Grizzly rocks it!


ANML Grizzly

Have you ever been lost in the forest? Have you had to stay there for a night? Better not because one beast is waiting for lost travellers. Unleashed Grizzly is very angry these days. It has its chocolate chip cookies and milk stolen. Composition of this two ingredients is its favourite delight. ANML knows it too and has prepared perfect vape according to Grizzly's preferences.

Made in USA
Capacity: 6 x 10ml
VG/PG 70/30

The ANML Vapors

The ANML Vapors is an e-liquid company established in USA. It is known for it's excellent e-juice flavours. They got famous for their exquisite vape line which consists of sweet, candy and delicate dessert ejuices. Choose from the Unleashed series such eliquids like Thrasher or chocolate Grizzly.