Binary Virus 3 x 10ml

Binary E-Liquid

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Binary Virus offers delicious Guava and Mango favour. It comes with VG/PG 71/29 and it's available in 3-pack. Made in USA, elivers tasty blend of sweet fruits.



Binary Virus e-liquid

Last, but not least this USA made e-liquid from Binary house is a tasty blend of sweet, juicy mango and tropical guava. New virus has been spreading around vape market. The only way to stop is to vape it. How many clouds you can get? Is it enough to survive? Try Binary's juicy mango antidote together with its egzotic guava flavour.

Mango and guava e-juice features

Made in USA
Capacity: 3 x 10ml
VG/PG 71/29

USA eliquids

Binary came to UK from America. It offers very precisely prepared fruity eliquids that may change your vaping practice. Since you give them a try you may not imagine your day without visitong nearest vape shop and getting new one.