BLOOM Shortfill Eliquid 50ml

Bloom Eliquid

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Fantastic new aromatic premium eliquid at Pencig. Choose 4 different flavours from BLOOM. Starfruit Cactus, Acai Pomegranate, Pear Elderflower and Juniper Mangosteen Apple



BLOOM Aromatic Eliquid 

BLOOM provides floral and fruity flavours with complex profiles to entice your taste buds. Blended 70% VG 30% PG ratio offers great flavour with big cloud production along with coil friendliness.

Bloom Starfruit Cactus 

Exotic sweet and sour Starfruit, expertly blended with undertones of Cactus Fruit for a clean and fresh vape.

Bloom Acai Pomegranate

Bold Pomegranate and a handful of juicy Acai Berries

Bloom Juniper Mangosteen Apple

Sharp Juniper Berries mixed with sweet Apple and juicy Mangosteen

Bloom Pear Elderflower 

Floral undertones of Elderflower mixed with juicy delicate Pear