Bomb Bombz Shortfill Eliquid 100ml

Bomb Bombz Eliquid

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Incredible fruity flavoured eliquids from Bomb Bombz which will make you vape more. Five different flavours to choose from, all tasty and juicy



Bomb Bombz Eliquid 

Bomb Bombz is a high quality premium eliquid which will make you scream for more. Wide range including exotic fruity and sour flavours perfect for all day vape. 

VG/PG 70/30

Capacity: 100ml 

Strength: 0mg


Kiwi and Lychee blended to perfection. Soft and not overwhelming eliquid perfect for a daily vape. Definitely one of the best in the series

Northern Lights 

The ripest Mango you can imagine with exotic Mangosteen mixed together to give you a perfect exotic vape

Gods Gift 

Gods Gift eliquid is an exotic blend of ripe Strawberry, fresh Kiwi and tropical Guava to give you a mouth watering fruity experience

Green Crack 

Green Crack is a sweet Apple Candy vape with a tangy finnish

Sour Deez 

Sour coated and sweet centred delicious Jelly Candy vape perfect for sweet tooth vapers