Bubble Monster Watermelon

Bubble Monster E-Liquid

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Wow!! Explosion of fruity flavours in your mouth. Juicy watermelon bubble gum vape juice from Bubble Monster in our vape store.



Watermelon Short Fill 

There used to live a huge monster in Scottish Highlands. The monster was really popular because it was eating hundreds of bubble gums a day. The monster was a fan of watermelon as well. One day it decided to mix two flavours together and created a watermelon bubble gum e-liquid which can now be purchased in Pencig Vape Store. 

Made in UK

Capacity: 100ml

VG/PG 80/20 

Monster Shortfill Bottle

New e-liquids in the vape juice market. Monster because it's big - 100ml capacity short-fill huge bottle with a space left for 2 nic shots. E juice only for heavy vapers. 

This Short Fill is a 120ml sized bottle which comes with 100ml of 0mg liquid leaving space for nicotine to be added if you wish so. 

Remember that to achieve 3mg you need:

to 100ml add 2 x 18mg nicotine shots