Caffe Infuso - Coffee Dunked Doughnut 50ml

Caffe Infuso

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Caffe Infuso brings a flavor of Coffee Dunked Doughnut in 50ml e-juice bottle. Best of the dunked doughnuts topped in delicious coffee. Big, aromatic clouds with rich flavour will become your daily doze of pleasure.



Caffe Infuso Coffee Dunked Doughnut

VG/PG 70/30
Made in UK

Coffee Dunked Dougnut shortfill from Caffe Infuso is a great combination of aromatic coffee and sweet dunked doughnuts. 50ml e-liquid brings great opportunity to deliver amazing clouds with rich and strong flavour. Caffe Infuso is the best choice for all coffee and vape lovers.

It's a shortfill ejuice:

Remember that it is a Short Fill eliquid. To achieve 3mg you need to:

add 1 x 18mg nic shot to your 50ml e-liquid: