Cloud Theory Conspiracy 3 x 10ml

Cloud Theory E-Liquid

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USA made Cloud Theory, Conspiracy e-liquid is your everyday breakfast vape. A subtle blend of chocolate chips and pancakes. Contains 80/20 VG/CG - Corn Glucose. Flavours: Pancake, Chocolate. Available Strengths: 3mg, 6mg.



Cloud Theory Conspiracy

Cloud Theory wants to share a secret with the vape world. But it cannot be told to any unrelated people. We need strong conspiracy at every step. We cannot share any information but just single keywords. We can say that there is Chocolate. But who and how? There is no info. Second tip is Pancake. Those two mysterious guidelines may lead to anywhere. But true vape lover will make a real use of that. Conspiracy at first.

Chocolate flavour features:

Made in USA
Capacity: 3 x 10ml
VG/PG 80/20

USA made flavours

Yes USA, Cloud Theory makes its way, what we can just say, amazing flavour, huge vapour, the best liquid for you. Try these liquids and become a vaper man... And The Vape flows..