DOOZY Cocktail Shortfill Eliquid 50ml

Doozy Vape E-Liquid

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Doozy Vape Co. are one of the largest UK eliquid manufacturers, having released dedicated, fruit, dessert and menthol ranges. The Doozy Cocktail collection combines fruit notes for a sweet vape.



Tropical Pear Martini 

Features a trio of distinct fruit flavours. A ripe tasting pear is complemented by juicy and sharp pineapple, with a strong note of kiwi to finish - creating a balanced vape.

Apple Daiquiri 

Is a simple cocktail flavour blend. The fresh-tasting notes of apple come through straight away, the apple's sweet notes are combined with just a hint of ice to finish.

Mango Lime Bellini

Tropical fruit fusion with a cocktail theme. On inhale you'l immediately detect a juicy mango that creates a sweet taste, countered on exhale by the sharp notes of lime.