Ko Punch Fruit Punch 80ml

Ko Punch E-Liquid

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Ko Punch Fruit short fill eliquid is an incredible blend of exotic fruit gathered in one place and packed in a 100ml bottle. Add 2 nicotine shots and get a 3mg ejuice.


Ko Punch Fruit Shortfill:

Made in UK

VG/PG 80/20

Capacity: 80ml

Ko Punch nicotine shot compatible 100ml bottle with 80ml of concentrated e-liquid inside with 20ml space left for two nic shots. 

Imagine the most exotic fruits in one place, mix them together and you will get this extraordinary juice full of different flavours.

This e-liquid is a real fruit explosion which you will never forget. A bit sour then a bit sweet. For sure it will be an unforgetable vaping experience, the powerful fruit ko punch will definitely knock you out. 

It's a shortfill ejuice:

Remember that it is a short fill and to achieve 3mg you need:

to 80ml add 2 x 18mg nicotine shots and you will get 100ml 3mg e-liquid