Nicotine Shot 10ml

Euro Vapour E-Liquid

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Flavourless Nicotine Shot in 10ml bottle. Made in Switzerland with PG/VG 0/100. It has 18mg/ml. Add it to your 50ml short fill to get 3mg/ml e-liquid.



Made in Switzerland

PG/VG 0/100

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine (18mg)

Capacity: 10ml

This nicotine shot is made with USP/EP grade Swiss nicotine. 

There is no flavour inside! This bottle contains flavourless nicotine diluted in a vegetable glycerin solution at a concentration of 18mg/ml (1.8%).

Only add this nicotine shot to any 50ml short fill in order to achieve a 3mg/ml e-liquid. 

Just shake n'vape!!!