Pencig Cherry Mint E-Liquid 10ml

Pencig E-Liquid

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Fresh mint from your grocery store blended with juicy cherries. If you could pick any fruit to mix it with mint, cherry would be the best choice. Minty in the beginning and fruity on the exhale.



Cherry Mint flavour e-liquid by Pencig

Delicate cherry flavour has been prepared with special care to its sweet taste and enriched with pure and refreshing mint. This two ingridients connected together create great composition that lasts long in the vaping man's heart. It also comes with big clouds, which is the pleasure for the soul. Our Cherry Mint will make your day.

Cherry Mint e-liquid features:

Made in UK 

Capacity: 10ml 

VG/PG 50/50

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Flavourings, Nicotine