Pencig Cola E-Liquid 10ml

Pencig E-Liquid

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Traditional Cola flavour brought to you by Pencig Vape shop. Enjoy the taste of your favourite sparkling beverage in form of an e-liquid. Sweet, intense flavour, in our opinion you can taste a hint of refreshing citrus inside.



Cola Vape E-Liquid

Coke is one of the most popular soft drinks in the whole world. And so is the Cola e-liquid. It was really strange in the beginning to hear that you can vape Cola but after trying this vapour our staff approved it. 

Cola Flavour e-juice

The most famous taste of our times. Who doesn't know how cola tastes? Who doesn't know the sound while you open the cola can or cola bottle? Who doesn't know how it feels when the cola bubbles appear in his or her mouth and tongue? Of course everyone knows it. And we keep this feelings inside our small e-liquid bottle. Our Cola e-juice comes with delicious and unforgettable Cola flavour special for all vape lovers.

Pencig Vape Shop sells it

Yes, we stock the cola e-liquid. You can purchase online or pop into one of our vape shops around Scotland, UK. 

Made in UK 

Capacity: 10ml 

VG/PG 50/50