Pencig Liquorice Snap E-Liquid 10ml

Pencig E-Liquid

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Liqourice and fresh mint come in 10ml e-liquid bottle with Pencig's Liquorice Snap. This delicious blend of great liquorice together with refreshing mint has VG/PG 80/20.



Liquorice e-liquid

Made in UK
Capacity: 10ml
VG/PG 80/20

Pencig Liquorice Snap is a great combination of two powerful ingredients - first comes liquorice with its delicious taste and for the exhale you will recieve perfect refreshing mint aftertaste. This e-liquid is strong and your clouds may never be that big. Just try this one.

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Yes, you can easily purchase liquorice e-liquid in our online shop. The price is £2.99 for a 10ml bottle. Just give a try this great vape juice.