Pencig Tobacco E-Liquid 10ml

Pencig E-Liquid

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We receive the best feedback from our customers about this Tobacco flavour. Perfect e-liquid for those who start their adventure with electronic cigarettes. Vape juice very similar to standard cigarettes.



Real Tobacco Flavour

If you have just switched from traditional cigarettes or tobacco to electronic cigarettes you are probably looking for e-liquid which will be very similar to the taste of a normal fag. And that's what we achieved by making a careful selection of our Pencig branded tobacco flavours. We only have chosen the vape juices which while vaping reminded us of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Choose between cigarette, rolling tobacco, cigar or pipe flavours. 

Tobacco E-Liquid

It's impossible to put more tobacco into this e-liquid. Very natural taste and aroma which gives you a sensation of smoking natural tobacco leaves. Highly recommended. It's possible to use this e-liquid with standard and sub-ohm tanks. 

Made in UK, Capacity: 10ml, VG/PG 60/40