Pencig USA Mix E-Liquid 10ml

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Classic cigarette tobacco flavour e-liquid. This vapour tastes like your favourite American Blend Tobacco Leaves. Red cigarettes flavour which you will never forget.



USA Mix Tobacco Flavour

American tobacco is famous around the world. So why not try the UK version of the american blend? Subtle e-liquid flavour for the most demanding vapers. 

Made in UK, Capacity: 10ml, VG/PG 60/40 

To be used with standard and sub-ohm tanks. 

Pencig Tobacco E-Liquids

If you have just switched from traditional cigarettes or tobacco to electronic cigarettes you are probably looking for e-liquid which will be very similar to the taste of a normal fag. And that's what we achieved by making a careful selection of our Pencig branded tobacco flavours. We only have chosen the vape juices which while vaping reminded us of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Choose between cigarette, rolling tobacco, cigar or pipe flavours. 

American tobacco e liquid

Yes, we know that Marlboro cigarettes are not too popular in UK. And that people prefer such brands like Silver & Gold or Lambert & Butler. But we would like to encourage you to try this fantastic mixture of american tobacco closed in 10ml e liquid.

USA mix e juice

This USA tobacco e juice is really surprising. It tastes like soft cigarettes. Not harsh on the throat and really smooth. This e liquid is perfect for vapers who used to smoke classic cigarettes from the highest shelves. E liquid with class and pure taste