Professor Who Shortfill Eliquid 100ml


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Professor Who - high quality shortfill premium eliquid available in 4 different flavours with icy finnish. Big 100ml bottle. 0mg. Professor Who: Strawtonium, Razium, Bluranium, Berrium



professor_who_eliquid_bluranium.jpgProfessor Who

Professor Who is an extraordinary serie of e liquids available in 4 different flavours. Each one of them consists of a main berry fruit flavouring mixed with delicate fruit mix and a hint of icy finnish. Who makes the best vape eliquids? Of course the Professor Who. 

Made in UK

Capacity: 100ml

Bottle capacity: 120ml


New secret Professor Who mixture is ready to conquer the vape market. A bit of glycol, pinch of vegetable glycerine but the most important was to add Watermelon and mixed fruit with icy finnish 


Berrium- not berry but Blackcurrant with mix of fruits and ice on the exhale. Definitely better than Heisenberg


Recipe for perfect eliquid is so simple and so hard to obtain, but Professor Who made it. Succulent and ripe Raspberry and mix of fruit with ice kick. Start from this flavour and you will definitely try other 3 vape liquids


Beautiful blend of the ripest Strawberry with a twist of fruit and cool effect on the exhale. The secret of Professor Who is revealed

Shortfill eliquid

To make 3mg eliquid you need to add 2 x 18mg nicotine shots to your 100ml 0mg Professor Who eliquid. Remember to shake it well before vaping

Enjoy the flavour!!!