R66 Fruit Circles 10ml

R66 E-Liquid

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NOW £3.99 ONLY Route66 Fruit Circles e-juice might remind you of your classic breakfast consisting of your prefered froot loops crunchy cereal blended with splash of fresh milk and sparkled with a sugar dust.



Breakfast cereal e-liquid

R66 Fruit Circles e-liquid is a great alternative for standard sweets and a great idea for an all day vape. A breakfast cereal fruity e-juice that you will never forget. 
Made in UK
Capacity: 10ml
VG/PG 60/40

R66 fruitylicious vape 

This R66 eliquid is ten out of ten. It's a unique e-liquid where the fruity cereal tastes like this!

R66 eliquid is made in the UK

Vape from United Kingdom, but all the recipes where invented directly in the USA. R66 e-liquids deliver genuine and original American dessert based flavours straight from the best bakeries.