USB VV Passthrough Charger


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High Quality Variable Voltage VV USB passthrough charger for your Ego and EVOD battery. Long charging cable 76 cm. LED light indicator. Voltage range from 3.0V to 4.8V.


USB VV Variable Voltage Passthrough Charger for EGO / EVOD Battery

Cable length: 76 cm

Product weight: 24 g 

Press quickly 5 times to turn on the charger, press quickly 5 times to turn it off. 

Push button to cycle through voltage options

Your e-cigarette battery will be on the output voltage of 3.0 V (blue LED) / 3.6 V (purple LED) / 4.2 V (red LED) / 4.8V (green LED) 

VV Charger

Use your cable vv passthrough charger with your computer, plug or car charger. Really convenient device. Because of the long cord you can comfortably vape your ecig and not even notice that it's on charge. Moreover you save and increase the lifespan of your battery.