Vape Wild Kickstart My Tart 3 x 10ml

Vape Wild E-Liquid

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Vape Wild E Liquid with Warm Tart Turnover and Fresh Cream on the inhale and Juicy Cherries on the exhale. Kickstart My Tart is the best cherry tart vapour liquid that has ever been tried in our vape shop.



Kickstart of the Vape Wild 

Kickstart My Tart has just been found straight from the Kickstarter fundraising campaign. All founders knew what they were doing. The delicious blend of cherries together with tart and cream must come to the eliquid market as soon as possible and Vape Wild knows it the best. The tart has never been so amazing in any e-liquid before. 

Tart Vapour 

For all tart vapour lovers we have a great information. The Kickstart my Tart E Liquid has knocked on our vape shop doors. Available Strengths in 2 different strengths: 3mg and 6mg. Contains VG/PG 65/35. Made in USA.