Wild Strawberry E liquid

Pencig E-Liquid

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Wild strawberry e liquid for you so you can try a different vape. Picked u from wild forest, a wild juicy fruit with a wild taste. original strawberry vapour to satisfy your tank.



Original Strawberry Eliquid

A lot of you will think what wild strawberry actually is?? And how this eliquid tastes like?? Wild strawberry is a lot smaller than standard strawberry but it doesn't mean that it tastes worse. It's not so sweet which means it won't be as tiring as standard version. This e juice has specific original taste and is perfect for a change from your daily vape.

Strawberry Vape

Wild strawberry e liquid will wake up a wild beast in you. Original taste that you have never tried before. Not tiring vape, to be used in standard tanks. Mixed in 50/50 PG/VG proportion.