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    Atlantis Replacement Tank 5ML


    Fits Atlantis & Atlantis II e-cigarette tanks. Clear part of e-cigarette tank that can extend your clearomizer up to 5ml.

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    Atlantis replacement glass


    Spare glass fits Atlantis tank

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    Aspire Cleito 120 Tank

    From: £24.99

    The Cleito 120 from Aspire is a high wattage Tank. Coils can handle up to 120 watts of power. New design incorporates an adjustable airflow, efficient wicking systems and a new top filling system.

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    Aspire K Lite Tank


    The Aspire K Lite Tank is the top of its class, mouth to lung pen style tank. Utilising the Aspire BVC Coils the K Lite tank is perfect for new vapers with it's adjustable bottom airflow and easy top filling system, it's easy to see why they built the K Lite kit around it!

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    ASPIRE Pockex Bubble Glass


    Spare replacement glass for Aspire Pockex kit.

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    3 x ASPIRE Odan Coils

    From: £7.99

    Aspire Odan Coils utilise a new coil material for improved wicking, while their ability to handle high temperatures makes them ideal for high wattage vaping and cloud chasing.

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    ASPIRE Zelos 3 Kit


    A high-performance, feature-packed starter kit, the Aspire Zelos 3 includes a powerful 3200mAh battery, 80W power output, and is crowned with Aspire’s legendary Nautilus 3 Tank.

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    5 x Cleito Exo Coils


    The Aspire EXO pack of 5 replacement coils are coils that were crafted specifically for use with the Cleito EXO e-cigarette tank. These coils have been enlarged and provided elongated wicking inlets for use at higher wattage. Recommended wattage range for this coil is as follows: 60.0 - 100.0 Watts.

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    Aspire Pockex Replacement Glass

    From: £4.99

    Replacement 2ml capacity Pyrex Glass with metal cover sleeve for Aspire PockeX e-cigarette. Don't worry if you have broken your glass, you don't have to replace the whole ecig - just purchase replacement glass for your vape pen.

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    Aspire Cleito 120 Coil

    From: £3.99

    A replacement coil for the Aspire Cleito 120 e-cigarette tank. Available in 0.16 ohm resistance and can handle up to 120 watts of power. The Cleito 120 coil features an innovative new airflow system. Unlike other sub-ohm tanks, the vapor production on the Cleito 120 coil is instant. Enlarged wicking holes means the coil wicks without a hitch when chain vaping. The Cleito 120 is ideal for clould chasers and vapers who enjoy heavy yet smooth hits.

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    Aspire Nautilus 2 Replacement Glass


    Replacement glass for Nautilus 2 Tank from Aspire

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    Aspire Athos Replacement Coil

    From: £3.99

    Aspire Athos atomizer head replacement coils 0.16 ohm or 0.3 ohm. Works with Athos Sub Ohm Tanks.