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    5 x Eleaf HW1/HW2 coils

    From: £12.99

    Pack of 5 HW1 or HW2 coils from Eleaf. These are upgraded atomizer heads for ELLO and ELLO Mini tank. Designed for direct lung vaping.

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    Eleaf Micro USB Cable


    The Eleaf Micro USB Cable Cord Charger can be used to charge devices that accept a micro USB entry and is compatible with any e-cigarette or any device which requires higher current up to 2.0A. The Eleaf cable is much longer than most micro USB cables that come in most sets - 1 metre length.

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    Eleaf Istick T80 MOD

    From: £36.99

    Istick T80 from Eleaf is an upgraded version of Istick 30W. The T80 MOD offers you 80 Watts of power, new fast charging USB type C and 3000 mah battery

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    5 x Eleaf HW3/HW4 coils

    From: £13.99

    Pack of five HW3 / HW4 coils from Eleaf. You choose which one you prefer. Compatible with atomizer heads for ELLO & ELLO Mini Tank. To be used for direct lung vaping.

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    ELEAF GS Drive Tank


    One of the best mouth to lung top filler tanks in the vape market. GS Drive tank from Eleaf with its slide top is super easy to refill. no more spilled eliquid. Compatible with all range of gs coils

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    Eleaf Melo III Mini


    Sub-Ohm Clearomizer. Top E-liquid Filling. Invisible Airflow Control. Heat-insulated Metal Mouthpiece. Detachable Structure.

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    Eleaf Tance Max Starter Kit

    From: £24.99

    Tance Max vape starter Kit from Eleaf is a new ergonomic, refillable pod system ecig which will surprise all vapers. Stylish design, compact size and great performance. New GS Coils, fast charging port, innovative refilling system and great price in Pencig Vape Shop

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    Tance Max Cartridge 2pcs (no coil)


    Replacement cartridges for Tance Max starter kit. Includes 2 cartridges without coils.

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    Istick Power 80W TC MOD

    From: £34.99

    The new iStick Power from Eleaf comes with an ultra-large e-cig battery capacity, meaning you can vape for longer without stopping. Thanks to its compact design, array of features and new firmware update, you'll be the envy of every vaper you see.

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    Eleaf Istick Melo Mod

    From: £39.99

    Upgraded Istick 50W to Istick Melo 60 Watts. Built-in 4400 mAh battery, maximum charging current 2A, Slim and compact design. Available in black or silver colour.

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    5 x Eleaf GS Air Coils

    From: £12.49

    Pack of 5 GS Air coils from Eleaf. Remember to choose the proper resistance for your tank/pod. Compatible with GS tanks and Tance Max Pod from Eleaf

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    Eleaf Melo 4 Tank

    From: £24.99

    Featuring an Eleaf Melo 4 Tank with sliding top fill mechanism and EC2 coils / atomizer heads. The MELO 4 clearomizer is a grade upgrade to a wide range of e-cigarette sets and mods. Get a great vapour production thanks to an airflow control ring with two air holes, in companion with the new EC2 atomizers capable to vape up to 100W.