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    Fizzy Strawberry 50ml

    From: £14.99

    Strawberry flavoured Malaysian E Liquid will give you unforgettable vaping experience. Strong juicy strawberry on the inhale and refreshing low mint on the exhale.

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    Fizzy Popcorn Butterscotch 50ml

    From: £14.99

    Popcorn with your favourite Butterscotch and Low Mint effect on the inhale. Might sound strange but it's a really tasty and original vape mix.

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    Fizzy Pineapple 50ml

    From: £14.99

    Pineapple fizzy soda drink eliquid. Great pineapple flavour with low mint on the exhale. Another great Malaysian vape e juice.

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    Fizzy Orange 50ml

    From: £14.99

    Fizzy e liquid series for the fans of Fantasi. Great orange fizzy soda flavour e juice to give you an ultimate vaping experience. Now in a short fill bottle.

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    Fizzy Energy Bull 50ml

    From: £14.99

    Energy Drink with Low Mint. Really icy on the inhale and fruity on the exhale. Genuine combination of your favourite energy drink with cool effect.