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    E-cigarette Lanyard

    From: £0.99

    Fits 650mah / 900mah / 1100mah / 1300mah EVOD or EGO type batteries.

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    E-cig Leather Lanyard

    From: £2.99

    Leather electronic cigarette lanyard. Fits perfectly with vape pen e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

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    E-cig Rubber Stand

    From: £0.77

    E-cigarette rubber stand fits any EVOD / EGO style batteries. Use it to keep your vaporiser in upright position.

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    Mains plug


    Mains power plug with USB port suitable for United Kingdom. Plug type G with three pins for charging e cigarette batteries. Before charging your electronic cigarette make sure that this plug is suitable for charging your ecig battery.

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    USB 510 Charger


    Pencig USB charger with cord is compatible with standard eGo and Evod vape pen style batteries. Light indicator will show red light while charging and green light when your e-cig battery is fully charged. Do not leave your battery unattended while charging. Do not charge overnight.

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    Pencig 18350 Mod Battery


    Pencig 18350 IMR rechargeable battery 750mah 10.5A high capacity 3.7V Li-ion.

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    E-cigarette Car Charger

    From: £0.79

    Fits any electronic cigarette USB chargers. Five different colours available for your choice. Compact size and stylish design.

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    650 mAh battery


    Pencig 650mAh rechargeable eGo style battery. Charging time 2 hours. Random colours.

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    E-cig Case / Cover

    From: £3.99

    Huge range of electronic cigarette cover. Different colours and sizes. Perfect to protect your vaporiser from any scratches and damages.

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    Ce4 Clearomizer


    Disposable Ce4 clearomizer made of transparent plastic. When the heating head coil inside the tank is burnt out just change the ce4 clearomizer for a new one. Easy and simple to use. Refill it from the top.

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    PENCIG 18500 Mod Battery


    Lighter weight and higher energy density than any other rechargeable cell.

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    Pencig Black Ice Nic Salt

    From: £1.49

    Our best eliquid now available as a nic salt. Blackcurrant with icy finish 20mg in 10ml eliquid bottle