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Whilst the e cigarette UK market is comparatively new the Pencig shop is already one of the most experienced in that area and in the retail sale of e cigarette starter kit and e-cig liquid.

Our team has worked in Ireland and in Poland before becoming established in the United Kingdom at our base in Edinburgh.

We have had to expand our business quickly to meet the demand for our increasingly popular products- e cigarettes | e-cig liquid and now trade out of 5 sites  in addition to our e cigarette UK online business.

Our products are of the highest available quality from carefully selected factories and our suppliers must meet the highest standards to ensure that we continue to offer our customers the best designed and most innovative range on the market, the best quality e-cig liquid e-cigarette battery and clearomizer.

Our business is built on our excellent customer service and we are experienced in both over the counter retail and on-line sales.

Our aim at Pencig is to provide you with the best quality products at competitive prices.

The Pencig team will also be more than happy to answer your questions and offer any advice you may need.

We ship our products all over the world every day.

You can find us at our Pencig e cigarette UK shop at

6 Ormiston Terrace


EH12 7SJ

0131 334 4604

We also trade from our stands at:

  • St. James Centre
  • Ocean Terminal
  • Westside Plaza
  • Princess Mall

E-cig liquid  and e cigarette starter kit - we offer all

Pencig is an Edinburgh based company specializing in over the counter and on-line retail sales of electronic cigarettes, e-cig liquid and accessories.

In a relatively short period of time we have established a large customer base not only in Edinburgh but worldwide via our website www.pen-cig.co.uk

At the Pencig Edinburgh store we have everything you need including e cigarette starter kits, electronic cigars and an outstanding range of e-cig liquid from nicotine free to 24 mg.

Now you are welcome to visit our 5 different points in Edinburgh. Find us in our specialised e cigarette Pencig shop in Corstorphine 6 Ormiston Terrace EH12 7SJ. You can also purchase our electronic cigarettes and e liquids in main shopping centres in Edinburgh. Look for our stands in Edinburgh in Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre | in St. James Shopping Centre | in West Side Plaza in Wester Hailes | in Princess Mall Shopping Centre . Do not hesitate, pop in and try our e cigarettes and e liquids. There are plenty of samples waiting for you.

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E cigarette starter kit

The two most obvious reasons to choose e cigarette starter kit over tobacco are to improve health or to save money.

The health benefits of changing to e cigarette starter kit arise from the fact that e-cigarettes use e-cig liquid to reduce nicotine intake.

E-liquids do not contain tar or carbon monoxides and the vapour from an e-cigarette does not have an odour and does not pollute the environment.

E cigarettes do not produce ash or smoke and can be used almost everywhere.

With this in mind it is wise to consider that with the price of a premium brand cigarette such as Regal King Size now approaching £10.00 for a 20 pack it is estimated that a smoker of 20 cigarettes per day could save £2,400 per year.

Pencig factfile

Although the e cigarette UK market is still considered to be in its infancy the electronic cigarette was actually first patented in America in 1963 by Herbert A. Gilbert but it was never developed and it was not until 2003 that a Chinese inventor and pharmacist, Hon Lik, produced the first generation of electronic cigarette.

Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and key to this is our extensive Pencig range of high quality products.

A visit to our Pencig Edinburgh store will allow you to appreciate the fine quality of the product range.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Every day thousands of people decide to buy e-cigarette instead of traditional cigarettes due to the lower cost of this new smoking devices. A lot of people ask how much money they can save when changing traditional cigarette to e-cigarette? In this case the e-cigs have overwhelming advantage because the e liquids are seven times cheaper than normal tobacco. After making calculations it is confirmed that a person who smoked 20 cigarettes per day can save up to £2400 during one year of e-smoking and using e liquid instead of nicotine!!!

If you want to quit smoking or start a healthier way of living and save a lot of money you are in a good place!!! Our e cigarette UK online shop is offering you products which have already helped thousands of people not only in Scotland but in whole United Kingdom. We are an electronic cigarette company which has a lot of experience in UK e cigarette and eliquid market which allows us to know better needs of our customers and offer them cheap but best quality products. 

There are a lot of adventages which stem from e-smoking and you can verify them by visiting our shop and buying one of our products. Just enjoy our e-cigarettes!!!!

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